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 Contrstruction Manager RFQ Questions and Answers


 Q1: In review of the RFQ package there are attachments at the back, A through G. Are these to be filled out upon award of a contract, or included with the RFQ submittal?

A1: The proposer should be prepared to submit the attachments at the execution of the contract.

Q2: Will the PV array be of one or several technologies?

A2: There will be several technologies.

Q3: Your RFQ speaks to professional engineering services, including a statement on Page 6 “Professional Engineer to sign off on all final drawings.”  Will the Construction Manager be required to provide professional engineering services for the design of this project, or is your interest in the Construction Manager providing an independent opinion of the design?  We would recommend that the Program Manager not be involved in the provision of professional engineering services for the design of the Project in order to avoid conflicts of interest and confusion as to actual design authority and accountability of the Project.  This would not preclude the Construction Manager from providing an independent professional opinion of the design.

A3: We would like the Construction Manager to provide an independent opinion; however there are some tasks that we would like for a Professional Engineer to review such as as-built drawings.

Q4:   Page 9, the fourth paragraph states, “One (1) electronic copy of the signed original completed grant proposal package via email in searchable PDF or Microsoft Word format to the contact listed below by the deadline. (Copies sent via email will not be accepted in lieu of the HARC receipt of the original and photocopies on or before the deadline).”  We question the phrase “grant proposal.”  Should this, instead, refer to the Statement of Qualifications?

A4: Yes, this is a typo and should refer to the Statement of Qualifications.

Q5: The Contract attached to the RFQ has several attachments.  It is our understanding that these are provided for us to have an understanding of what the successful Construction Manager will be expected to execute and sign, but are not to be executed as a part of this proposal.  Is that correct?

A5: Correct.


RFQP Questions and Answers

  1.  What are the roof types, manufacturer, age, warranty, expected life, bond owner, sq ft?

    a.  SRHS - B.U.R. -no warranty left except at select locations.

    b.  SHHS- Durolast PVC - 4 years of warranty

  1.  Can the installers get AutoCad drawings of the buildings?

        AutoCad files are not currently available. Please use the files referenced below.


  1.  Need the map of SRHS?

    1. See the file SRHSCampusMap.pdf


  2. What portable buildings should be considered for solar?

    1. SRHS – Buildings 8, 9, 10 are the best. Vandalism will be of concern and should be addressed.

    2. SHHS - Buildings 1, 2, 6, & 7.

  3. Do the schools have an existing weather station?

    1. NO


  4. Is there lightning protection?

    1. NO


  5. Where are the best places to display the kiosk or monitoring screen?

    1. SRHS – Entry of school so it can be seen by all students. A second one in the Science Building would be a good location.

    2. SHHS - Intersection of A and E Hall.

  6. Where is the Science/Computer Lab for SRHS?

    1. The science/ computer lab is the science class room.


  7. Where can the solar systems be tied in with the electric lines?

    1. This should be determined by the installer and how the system is designed


  8. What specific locations can be used for deliveries and contractor facilities, rest areas?

    1. SRHS – Parking lot # 5, East edge

    2. SHHS – Auxiliary Parking Lot and Edgebrook Parking Lot.

  9. What are the net metering guidelines for Pasadena?

    1.  Download the document: Interconnection and Net Metering of Small Renewable Energy Generators in Texas: Final Report of the Texas RE-Connect Project [PDF]


  10. Who are the utility providers for:

    1. SRHS – Direct Energy

    2. SHHS – Direct Energy


  11. At SRHS, where is a good location for the main panel?

    1. The mechanical room in the Science building; however, there is a mechanical room above with air handling units that could be used as well.


  12. At SRHS, is the back wall of the mechanical room (w/ the air handling) an outside wall?

    1. YES.


  13. Which rooms do you want to use for solar demonstrations (for wiring purposes)?

    1. SRHS - Any class room in the science building or Rm 1225 and Rm 2225


  14. Can we get copies of the structural analysis of the buildings?

    1. We do not have this information available at this time. All necessary details to finalize the design will be identified during contract and design negotiations .  

  15. Does the system design need to interface with the energy management system (EMS)?

    1. NO


  16. Will the AutoCad files provide the electrical specifications?  


    1. AutoCad files are not currently available. PISD electrical staff will be able to provide installers with required information when designs are finalized.

  17. What are the weight loads for the buildings (roofs)? 


    1. Please refer to the building drawings.

  18. Can the roofs be punctured for mounting?

    1. Yes, but must be sealed appropriately.


  19. What is the voltage inside the classrooms?

    1. 120V


  20. What are we thinking in terms of public demonstrations and displays?

    1. Some piece of the solar system should be visible from street level.


  21. What are the building ages?

    1. SRHS was built in 1964 with additions in later years.


  22. Can we design a pole mounted stand alone system?

    1. NO, needs to be on an existing building structure.


  23. What networking systems are available?

    1. SRHS – T1 lines

    2. SHHS – T1 lines


  24. Is the walkway on the side entrance of Sam Rayburn considered an acceptable physical structure under the terms of the grant for solar mounting?

    1. SRHS – SRHS does not recommend using any walkway structure as a place for mounting solar equipment.


  25. Where specifically (if applicable) will roofs be replaced before the solar installation commences?

     a. None at this time.

  26. Can we get a bidders list so we are aware of our competition?Can we get a bidders list so we are aware of our competition?

    1. We will not know the entire bidder list until the solicitation closes since the letter of intent is not mandatory and the RFQP is posted on a public website.


  27. When will structural calculations be available for analysis?�
    1. The drawings contain the available information.

  28. Who installed the roof on the newer buildings? 
         a.  Unknown at this time.

  29. Will installer’s warranty still be valid after panel install? 
    1. Installer's roof warranty is completely void at this time. Only the manufacturer warranties remain; primarily for SHHS.

  30. Do we need to monitor each technology separately? 
    1. Yes   
  31. Do you want installations on portable buildings at South Houston High School as well? 
    1. It is not required.

  32. Do we use multiple technologies on South Houston High School as well? 
    1. Yes.

  33. Which voltages are allowed? 
    1. Please follow City guidelines.


  1. What electrical certification must be met? 
    1. As per the City of Pasadena and the City of South Houston requirements.

  2. What electrical code will HARC use as a guide during inspection? 
    1. As per the City of Pasandena and the City of South Houston.

  3. Are IEC compliant panels acceptable for use in lieu of UL listed? 
    1. Square 'D' panels only. UL listed only.

  4. What are the projected electricity load characteristics of the Eco Squad Irrigation systems?  This must be known in order to determine the solar system size required. 

    1. Not known at this time. Water irrigation system is not purchased or installed. This is an optional component.   
  5. Does South Houston have an Eco Squad area? 
    1. No.

  6. If 3 years audited or certified financial statements are not available, and we are a privately held company what other information can we provide to satisfy financial capacity requirements? Will 3 years end internal financial statements and tax returns suffice? 
    1. Yes.

  7. Does each building (per campus) have its own utility meter? 
    1. Yes. Each campus has at least one.



  1. Will electrical prints contain this information (when made available)? 
    1. No.



  1. In an effort to better assess our proposal, we need to know the approximate locations on each school map where the Main Power meters are located for the 480V service. If there are multiple locations for each school, we need these identified as well.
    1. SRHS - On the Burke side near the chiller NW corner of the campus.
    2. SHHS - Around kitchen and main electrical room.


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